A few of my favorite things.....

A few of my favorite things.....

Monday, April 5, 2010

Life without Facebook, my journey through lent....

Ahhh, life without facebook. You know, I wanted to pick something harder than soda, which is what I gave up last year. Soda was VERY difficult since I heart it very much. So I chose Facebook since that is something that almost has a grip on me, as it has on a lot of us (c'mon you farmville people). Well, I have to tell you, soda was way way harder. Giving up facebook was almost freeing in a sense. I stopped thinking in status update form. I didn't care what Joe Shmoe was up to at the moment. Of course, I missed my friends and seeing what everyone was doing, but it wasn't hard to stay away. This means that next year for lent, I'm debating on giving up TV! Yes, I said it, TV! Say it isn't so!
What have I learned after 40+ days away from FB? Well, first off, I learned that I'm still on the internet WAY too much. Emails, blogs, coupons, ebay, gmail chatting, house searching & the list goes on. Yikes! What would I do without the internet? Of course one might say, "well you managed to live without it for 22 years..." Um, yeah, but now our society depends upon the internet. I'm not equipped in my house to even live without being online. We don't have a phone book, I like printing out my coupons online & try doing a house search without it!! Am I supposed to read picture-less colorless ads in the newspaper? I think not :) I can live without cable, but don't take away my Firefox!
I discovered tea while I was away, morning tea....mostly hot tea. Ok, I always drank tea, but now it's more often. But I noticed it's dwindling now that the weather is getting nicer. Cranberry Zinger, yum.
I have also given up the TODAY show and I've switched to FOX and friends on FOX News. The TODAY show was just getting really fluffy, or maybe just maybe I started wanting to hear real news? Hoda and Kathie Lee, really?
I signed up for gmail so I could talk to my Bff without FB.... it has all my old AIM contacts on there, so funny... I forgot about AIM! Do you remember when AIM was the BOMB? Forget about texting, just chat with me on AIM, no, not really.
Ok, so my return to FB will not really be in full force. I am planning on scaling back a bit. Maybe just logging in at night so I don't feel my time wasted during the day looking at so and so's friends pictures. Sometimes I don't even know how I get to Susie McFarlands pictures. Who is she anyways?
Well, I'm glad I'm back, I missed all of you!! Well, almost all of you ;-) 


  1. Glad you are back! I understand your feelings. I could live without TV though before the Internet. Remember you can watch TV on the Internet. LOL I can give up almost anything--phone, TV, cell--but not the Internet!

    BTW: I don't have cable anymore, so I usually do watch TV online. :)


  2. wow - don't tell me you are turning into my Pappy. He is 84 and watches FOX NEWS all day. Matt figures its because the man can't be out in the world. Health issues at that age. He can watch all about it on FoxNews.

    The internet is something I would never be able to give up. I cannot and will not go back to searching for things on Microfilm projectors and dusty old unindexed books- the internet is so much clearer.

    I do enjoy reading your blog when I remember. Much nicer to check out then FB sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing,


  3. "I stopped thinking in status update"....isn't it SO weird how that happens?!! I have thoughts in the third person all the time....whatever I'm doing at the moment....I'm like "Danielle Williams Brittin really wishes she had a dishwasher". It's totally a problem, I mean there is life to be actually LIVED right?!! I applaud you for living!!!

  4. I Heart Soda, too...that's why I don't buy it often...because it is all I would drink.

  5. Right? Soda is fantastic! I buy a 2L and it's gone in 1 day....oops! It just tastes so good with everything....
    & Danielle, you should have a dishwasher ;-)