A few of my favorite things.....

A few of my favorite things.....

Friday, March 30, 2012

Little Time....

I don't get a lot of "me" time. I used to be very bitter about that. "When is it my turn to go out." "I just want five minutes to myself." "I can't even function without time to myself." "if I could just get them to bed earlier..." Just writing this down and reading it, makes me sound like I'm 6 years old and whining to my mother.
Let's look at some facts. I chose to have 4 kids back to back to back to back. I love it having kids close together (so far). They're good friends and good enemies, which makes more opportunity for learning and growing. This is my life now.... kids, boogers, diapers, playdates, disciplining, refereeing, hugs. This will not be my life forever, I think that's where Mom's lose sight and start drowning in the day to day without even realizing that time with their precious gifts is just moving on. We are not guaranteed to live until we're 85, you never know where life is going to take you. Carpe Diem is the trusty saying, but it's so true! What am I doing to carpe my diem you ask? Stopping my cleaning to color with my daughter, trying to take lots of pictures, getting on the floor to really listen to Canaan's stories (and boy, they're long), singing at nap and bedtime to Judah, cuddling Zion, having picnics, building forts. Tell me how you treasure & have fun with your kids!!
Don't worry, I am far from perfect. There are times I yell louder than I should, times when if I hear the word "mommy" one more time, I'm gonna go hide in the car. Those are the times I need perspective. I need to take a deep breath and remember, in a few years, I'll be wanting them to need me for EVERYTHING.
Most kids go to school at age 5. So basically, I have five uninterrupted years with my kids. I have prolonged that five years by having more kids. My daughter is six already and is in PM Kindergarten and LOVES it. I won't be getting her back, school has won. (meaning, she will never be begging us to homeschool her). I guess what I'm trying to say is, we get such LITTLE time with our kids, I want to cherish it! So what you can't go to the bathroom alone? So what if bedtime gets all screwed up and they are up later than normal! So what if they are home from school a day or two or three? I hear a lot of "what am I going to do with my kids when they're home from school?" Um, they're kids. They can usually find things to do. Send them outside, give them some paper and scissors, cook with them, read to them, dance with them, make a fort for them? Just to name a few. Keep in mind, we get such LITTLE time with them! Parents seem to complain about their kids "growing up to fast!" Isn't that the point? I mean, aren't we having kids to raise them as they age and then be self sufficient adults? I agree, it happens fast, but doesn't life happen fast? This brings me back to my original "little time" theme. I am happy that Eden is six and learning, growing, doing chores, reading, making friends etc. Because isn't that the point?
Everything goes by fast: High school, college, late 20's? Everything is going at super speed! Before you know it, our small itty bitty children will be moving out, making a life of their own, getting married and not calling you. It's time to cherish these moments. Be thankful for them, God has given them to you as a blessing, not a curse.

Friday, March 9, 2012

I SO enjoy Zion Adam

I was thinking this morning, how un stressful having baby #4 is. No worries about nap schedule or making the "right" or "best" choices for him. I don't worry about his cries, i can usually tell now what is wrong. No worries about diaper rash, or taking him to the store. I don't worry about milestones, since I don't even know what they are anymore. I'm not glued to books or blogs or shows that will tell me how to be a better Mom to my baby. I write this not to say I'm the perfect Mom, I'm far from it. I'm just commenting on life..... and how easy #4 has been! He rolls with the punches. Guess what? If you wake him up from his nap, he'll fall back to sleep later. If his lunch isn't exactly at 12pm, he survives. He loves thumb sucking because I don't swaddle his arms like I did on my first 1 or 3 :) Because of the no swaddle, he can fall asleep anywhere. I just feel relaxed (go figure). Yes, part of that is my personality, but the other part is that I've been here before. He will survive and thrive even if his room isn't painted a baby color, which it kind of is, by default. I've just really enjoyed him. I cherish the hugs, the kisses, the squeals, the laughs, his little teeth, his hair, his looks. I love love love it. I totally recommend having a 4th ;-)

Let me just say though, that I wouldn't change having a first or second or third!! That's how you get to the 4th :)