A few of my favorite things.....

A few of my favorite things.....

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hello, 2015!

These are just a few rants from my brain that have been building up. I would love to start a conversation about any and all of these topics. Be warned, if you like paragraphs and comma's, you won't find many of them here ;-)

Why do women have to be so critical of one another? Why do Moms have to judge what other Moms do? Why do we have to be unhappy as a size 12? These questions have been haunting me for a while now. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m getting older or maybe because I’ve just witnessed so many women being too hard on themselves & others and I’m kind of sick of it!!! I can use all the old sayings “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” “Walk a mile in their shoes…” They may be sayings that have been around for sometime, but they couldn't be more true. SERIOUSLY. Women want to make me scream! And why do some women hate men so much? (ok, maybe I’m going to deep on that one). I feel like we can learn a lot from our male counterparts in the way of not taking things to heart, not quick to judge, letting go of petty things and the overall “it’s cool, man” attitude. I've heard some women say things like, “that’s just my personality.” I’m here to say that you can change your outlook. You can even change your circumstances if you need to. You can change your attitude. I’m in awe of the Kardashians. Not in the way the rest of America seems to be, but I’m in awe of how these people are even famous and I’m in awe that people love them. I don’t get it. Why do we care? There are people starving on the streets of NYC, even the streets in your suburban town and Kim K is over here wearing a Jean Paul Gaultier gown and it seems like we (as a society) care more about that than the starving people in our town. Makes me want to scream. Maybe it’s because I have a daughter. She’s nine. I don’t want her to even think about impressing people with her labels or getting the right make up or wearing the right backpack. I want her to be happy with who she is, be confident in the way that God made her. Use her talents and gifts in the right way. I want her to be smart and educated, to love others! I don’t want her to stress over the way she looks and who's wearing what to the awards shows. For goodness sakes we have whole TV shows dedicated to what stars are wearing. We have magazines stalking celebrities to the store just to see what they look like. This is disgusting. If we only put our money into things that mattered we just may start making a difference.
Oh, I have a few sons too. I know the male brain is quite different but I’ll do my best to help them look at the inside of a woman!!! To look at what really matters.
Can we as a society of women start encouraging one another? I am pretty sure that all the Moms I know are really doing their best. There really isn’t a need to condescend or pick apart what another Mom is doing. Ok, so it’s not the way “you would do it.” Who cares? We’re all beautifully different. Just stop it. Be nice. Say Thank You.
I have really been enjoying the TLC show “My big fat fabulous life.” The main character on the show is Whitney. She is 380lbs and completely happy with herself. Sure, she has concerns that being that large isn’t healthy so she started dancing again after years of being out of the studio. I just love her whole attitude. She is at peace with where she is in life. We aren't always going to be the weight we want, the size we want, in the job we want, but learning how to be ok with it is a skill that has to be practiced! If you’re sitting there thinking something negative about Whitney, I will remind you of the saying “until you walk a mile in her shoes, don’t judge.” Can we stop looking at models in magazines thinking that’s what we should look like? You’re being duped ladies!!! I say live life! Officially OVER IT. Anyone else?

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