A few of my favorite things.....

A few of my favorite things.....

Monday, August 8, 2011

I love life

Life, it's a complicated beast, but I love it. I embrace it, all of it's ups and downs, heartaches and jubliations. I think you should too. What do I like about life? Hmmm, love, kids, air, storms, getting mail, having babies, reality tv, running (when not pregnant), good good wine (pregnant or otherwise), summer nights, the ocean air outside my window, friends that have come and gone throughout the years, I love it all!
People mistake me for not caring, stating, I'm "too laid back." This doesn't mean I don't care, it generally means things don't bother me, because I know God is in control. If you truly say you believe that God is in control, I think you should be laid back. Dare I say worrying is a sin? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying cast all your inhibitions and cares out the window. There are still cares and concerns in life, but let's assess what's heavy and what's light and go from there. God is in control, really. I mean, do YOU want to be in control? Not me, usually things go down hill when I'm in control ;-)
One thing that's been on my mind lately, it seems like Christians (in general, not you persay) really love to praise God and speak about God's work in their lives when times are good. Why can't we praise God when times are bad, sorrowful, hard and just downright ugly? He is still there with us, He is walking us through the bad times, bringing us to our knees where we should always be. When we're on our knees, our pride is no where to be found, what do we have left when crying out to God about what is troubleing us? I really appreciate when people are on their knees, giving glory to the creator even when times are discouraging to say the least.
Anyways, just random thoughts again that I needed to type out....

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